Our Approach

Our philosophy is quite simple – integrity first. We are not here to sell you large bundled services that overburden you with, possibly good, but probably an overstated cybersecurity approach. We work hand-in-hand to secure your organization for both compliance and prevention at the most reasonable cost-point. We won’t oversell, we don’t overstate, nor do we make unintended promises. Our goal is working with you and with the highest of integrity. It’s the Highervista way.


Our Story

We are technical and operational experts. We have a vast amount of accumulated experience, education and training in the cybersecurity field. The field is quite diverse and our combined backgrounds give us the ability to assess, design, and discuss your cybersecurity needs in a meaningful way. It’s all about integrity. It’s the highervista way.

Meet the Team

We have a team of cybersecurity professionals who will assist you in your necessary and focused cybersecurity work, whether it is for the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA or California AB-375) or the NIST 800 series of Risk Management Framework (RMF).

Ron McFarland

Founder & CEO Ron McFarland, MS, Ph.D., CISSP

Ron in Washington, D.C.

Next Steps…

The absence of a strong cybersecurity posture is a risk to your business. We are available to help guide you through the often seemingly tangled and conflicting compliance requirements and the necessary technical and operational issues.