Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Highervista LLC is a Cybersecurity consultancy where we provide companies and organizations with cybersecurity risk mitigation and compliance, all done with a high level of integrity.


Cybersecurity Training

Highervista LLC provides Cybersecurity Training services for clients in-person at the client site. Training is offered to support your staff to be cybersecurity aware and the Administrative levels attain a high-level of knowledge about the cybersecurity risks within the organization. Training is customized for the organization.


Educational Consultancy

Cybersecurity Education and Training for key systems administrators are essential. Given the risk to the organization and the limited of cybersecurity professionals available to the organization, we work with companies to up-skill their workers to be effective at their organization in the cybersecurity field. We take the approach that “Give a man (or woman) a fish, and you’ll feed him (her) for a day. Teach a man (or woman) to fish, and you’ve fed him (her) for a lifetime.”

Integrity, Service, and Honesty!


Next Steps…

Please call or email us to discuss your cybersecurity concerns, whether it is related to a particular compliance issue you are facing, training, or educating/preparing your staff to be a part of the cybersecurity field.