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Highervista is a website owned and operated by Ron McFarland (that’s me). I have several writing interests that are divided into 5 websites. The 5 websites are:

1. This is ‘here’… my main website where I’ll post general information, etc. Link:

2. I am a Cybersecurity educator, writer and certainly an advocate. Sheltersoft contains information about my writing, video content, etc. in the Cybersecurity field. Here’s the link:

3. I’ve posted my poetry and some prose on this website. I hope you enjoy it. Link:

4. I aspire to write novels and short stories. I really wanted the website, but someone famous has that one 🙂 Whenever I was in trouble, my mom would call me “Ronald David” instead of Ron, so I knew I had a problem brewing when I heard that. But, as they say, it is what it is, so I have, where I post my novel/short stories. Please enjoy this site as well. Link:

5. This is my travel, recipe, fun website… Hey, we all should have one! Link:

Ron McFarland

Founder & CEO Ron McFarland, MS, Ph.D., CISSP

Ron in Washington, D.C.

Next Steps…

Contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Feel free to use ANYTHING on this site. Keep in mind that all content is educational and for your training purposes.