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My Websites

Highervista is a website owned and operated by Ron McFarland (that’s me). I have several writing interests that are divided into 5 websites. The 5 websites are:

1. This is ‘here’… my main website where I’ll post general information, etc. Link:

2. I am a Cybersecurity educator, writer and certainly an advocate. Sheltersoft contains information about my writing, video content, etc. in the Cybersecurity field. Here’s the link:

3. I’ve posted my poetry and some prose on this website. I hope you enjoy it. Link:

4. I aspire to write novels and short stories. I really wanted the website, but someone famous has that one 🙂 Whenever I was in trouble, my mom would call me “Ronald David” instead of Ron, so I knew I had a problem brewing when I heard that. But, as they say, it is what it is, so I have, where I post my novel/short stories. Please enjoy this site as well. Link:

5. This is my travel, recipe, fun website… Hey, we all should have one! Link:


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